Tarot Card - The Magic of “the moment” 

According to the German poet and writer J. von Eichendorf, “Everything has its own song. In fact, everything every event, and every person has its own unique sound. Our special song represents our muse, our inner voice. But more than that, it represents our personal nature, our personal truth.” Eichendorf continues, “Know that you are a miniature universe. That the sun, the moon, and the stars are within you.” The symbolic language of Tarot is helpful precisely because it puts us in touch with our unique song, pictures and symbols clue us into parts of our personal truth.

This is as well reflected in vedic dictum “Yat pinde tat brahmande” from at least 8,000 years old ancient philosophical and yogic texts. The translation of “yat pinde tat brahmande” can be interpreted as “All that is happens outside in the universe is reflected within you,” or “Your body is a miniature universe.” 

Today in America, Canada, and Europe, millions of people use Tarot cards in a way that has little to do with the well-known old-fashioned type of fortune telling.

And it all started with the hippies. The hippie movement during the 1960s unearthed many things from the past and brought new ideas and awareness to the Western world. For instance, the hippies rediscovered people, philosophies, and ideas, such as Hermann Hesse and Carl Gustav Jung, Zen Buddhism, the Chinese I Ching and last but not least, Tarot cards.

The Feminist Movement of 1970s further contributed to the popularity of today’s distinct, modern form of Tarot. Since then many newspapers and magazines have done stories on Tarot. In fact, Tarot is now a part of our culture.

TAROT represents The Magic of “the moment” and deals with the confrontation of chance. In this sense, the moment, understood as an event in time, plays a very important role. In practical terms, the emphasis is on personal perception, insight, and awareness. This is same as Horary Astrology.

In today’s world, we seem to have lost our bearings; a conscious connectivity with nature and Universe. We are full of questions. Tarot can be very useful and healing because it helps us examine our own understanding of love, death, and the devil. We have a chance to visualize what these mean to us in general and, in particular, at the very moment when the cards on the table.

The appearance of a particular card does not mean that you have found the answer to your question. It is the dialogue, the intimate internal conversation that eventually produces a clear answer. The more open and free from bias a particular interpretation is, the more room you have for probing the symbolic meanings of a particular image and for determining what the specific message means to you. That which seems to happen by chance is the vehicle, the stimulus, for a productive analysis. This explains the intellectual and cultural tradition of Tarot reading, which is different from fortune-telling. We are finding that art and science have influenced today’s Tarot, allowing us to see and examine chance more productively and creatively. In science, many different systems and game theories, as well as the theory of relativity and probability use the concept of “chance”.

THE HALLMARK OF THE NEW Tarot is that “Tarot is a mirror.” The term mirror implies that personal insight plays a major role in the readings. This marks the difference between fortune-telling and other soothsayer techniques, including dream interpretation where “the recipe-like interpretations leave no room for the unfolding of personal truth, which is a truth not yet known”. People are amazed by how much someone can “read into the cards.” The client becomes just as involved in the outcome as the reader is. As a matter of fact, many psychological experiments have shown that the client may read more into the information than he or she would like to, especially in situations that create tension and a sense of apprehension.

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